Hi Rob, thanks for looking over these pictures. I have to think our house would work well with a VRV, as I believe there's adequate attic space, and even though it's two stories, we spent 95% of our time upstairs. We're still deciding if that's what we want to do, of course. I guess it really depends on the total cost of the system, as well as the cost per month to run it, which varies from house to house, I'm sure. I was just going to get a high efficiency propane furnace, but the challenge on PEI is finding someone to install one. That, and the warranties aren't all that comforting. We may still get a gas insert for our fireplace to help with the draft and the vaulted ceiling, and also just because they look great, but that's a whole other story. 
In any case, the oil furnace just turned 18 years old, and we've almost got an empty tank, so now seems like a good time to be rid of it.
Let me know if you need pictures of anything else!

On cloudy days, this room is cold for obvious reasons. We're thinking about getting a gas insert, as a radiant heat source could make a difference.

While there's not a lot of wall space, the kitchen seems like an ideal place for a concealed heat pump or vent, either over the bench window or the stools by the counter.

This is my favourite room, but it sits over the garage, and there are aging windows on both sides, so it loses heat in pretty much every direction. 

This is the girls' room. It's also over the garage, but seems to do a bit better. It's cold, of course, but there's only one window, so that helps. 

Our five-week old in the master bed. 

Master bath

In-floor heating in part of the basement. I haven't been able to figure out how much it actually covers. You'd think the whole thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The basement. Also: where we throw things until we can figure out what to do with them. This stove was a great one in its day, but it's not 30 years old. The guys at Corrigan's thought it was still safe to burn, but our thought is to sell it and see if we can get a Jotul or something, just as a back up, if we were to go with a central heat pump.

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