"...there is a tendency on everyone's part, my own included, to wander in search of things and fail to realize that the pictures come only half from the outside; the other half comes from you." -Freeman Patterson
Crows fly past a tree lost in fog

Afternoon Crossing. Experimental Farm, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The sun rises behind fishing shacks on a winter morning

 Hererafter. St. Peter's Harbour, Prince Edward Island.

A claystone rock structure is battered by waves on an overcast day

The Teacup. Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island.

A tree with sparse leaves appears near the border of two fields in winter

The History of Winter. Trans-Canada Highway, Crossroads, Prince Edward Island.

A tree branch and a pink cloud are reflected in a pond

Tree and Cloud. Pondside Park, Stratford, Prince Edward Island.

A long, black and white exposure of a lighthouse along a rocky coast

Hold Fast. Hazsard Point, Prince Edward Island.

Tower Light. York, Prince Edward Island.

The lights of a distant factory glow behind a tall spruce tree

Humane Society. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Stalks of grain bend in the wind at sunrise

Sway. York, Prince Edward Island.